The Castle and the country turn into a sort of medieval village where you can discover the charm of ancient crafts.
There will be battles, duels, performances with swordsmiths, falconers, giants, and freaks.

Tuesday 25 from 5 pm to 11 pm and Wednesday 26 from 11 am to 8 pm The Castle of Malcesine awaits you to live the Middle Ages within its walls

On the occasion of “Malcesine nel Medioevo”, a medieval festival organized by the Municipality of Malcesine that will see at Castello Scaligero the setting up of a real medieval village, the choir Arac di Cassone voices in collaboration with the Rondeau de Fauvel group, Will present a medieval electronic music show. The concert will be held on Tuesday, July 25, starting at 20.30 and the entrance will be free of charge. A unique show that combines the sounds of a Rock concert with music stored in medieval music codes. Ancient melodies have been rearranged with engaging rhythms and contemporary sounds by Michele Mastrotto and Guido Trebo for Choir, Voice, Antique and Live Electronics. The choir Ariel voices with his soloists (Sofia Rizzardi, Anna Maria Sartori, Maddalena Schenato and Mauro Zanetti) and vocalist Alessia Paola Bianchi will perform accompanied by Alessia Paola Bianchi’s harp and Michele Mastrotto percussions directed by Guido Trebo. There will also be original instruments such as bass guitar and jumper and ethnic percussion with the sought-after effect such as rattles, sisters and goat nails. The music, some of the songs from the Carmina Burana, will present us a medieval, sometimes goliardic, sometimes of great expressive intensity, which speaks to contemporary man, accustomed to the sound of rock concerts and the dragging rhythms of modern music.

The evening of July 26 will end with a piromusic show directly from Castello Scaligero at 22.30

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