New Extra-virgin Olive Oil 5 L
produced and bottled in Malcesine

Oil campaign 2020/2021

Olio Extravergine d'Oliva Prodotto e Imbottigliato a Malcesine 2020 5L

2021 has been defined as a “DISASTROUS YEAR FOR LAKE GARDA’S OLIVE OIL” – production fell dramatically by no less than 98%.

In order to ensure that our regular customers can continue to find oil of the highest quality, we have purchased olives of the Peranzana cultivar from Puglia and pressed them directly in our presses.

Olive oil of the Peranzana cultivar has organoleptic characteristics and a flavour which are very similar to ours.

With its finely-balanced flavour, sweetness and emerald green colour, it is ideal for more delicate dishes, and perfect with salads, “bruschetta”, white meats and fish.

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82,00 € 5 L

NEW Extra-virgin Olive Oil

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